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For This Reason Ministry was birthed from the ashes of a very traumatic Divorce. For 18 years, I was married to a godly, ordained minister of the Gospel. Together we were very active in the work of the Lord (Missions, Evangelism, Prison Ministry, Street Ministry, and Helps Ministry, My husband also served on the church Board of Directors. After God directed us to a different Church, we still remained active in Evangelism and hosted a cell group at our home.

Believing he could make enough money to retire early, (the reason given to me), my husband decided to ask for an overseas position with is company. I was not concerned about our marriage because we were both deeply rooted in the Word and actively serving the Lord.

After extending his assignment without consulting me, he did not return home for almost two years. His first day back in the U.S.A was spent collecting data from the computer. On the second day, he spoke with a divorce lawyer.

I was devastated!

While prayerfully recalling the events preceding this tragedy, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness. About six months earlier, He had awakened me at 3:00 a.m. by asking, “Can I test you?” My immediate response was, “Oh Good, please, not my son again!” My thoughts raced to my oldest son who had died several years before. But the Spirit quietly comforted, “No, you passed that test.” So I agreed to the testing– never realizing it would involve my marriage.

A few weeks later, I was sitting on theĀ back porch reading my Bible and praying when I had a clear vision of my husband returning to the States in a casket. After touching his cold cheek, I knew he was dead.

Mercifully, God was trying to prepare me for what was to come, but I was unable to receive it. During the early days of this painful ordeal, I was continually asking my friends to pray that God would restore my marriage, thinking that was His will. Now, I understand that He had other plans for my life.

The new journey began with a friend sharing her direction from God to pray for corporations that promote family separations by dispatching workers to other countries. A month later while ministering at a women’s conference, God instructed me to begin a marriage prayer group. When I mentioned what the Spirit had just spoken, one of the ladies exclaimed, “Let’s do it!”

In 2002, the prayer group was established. Now, we meet at Christian Tabernacle, every third Friday night. The Ministry has expanded into teaching on relationships and our roles in our home. Consistently, God directs our meetings in unusual and interesting patterns. His stamp of approval has remained upon this ministry through countless answers to prayer and the restoration of marriages. For This Reason, we shall forever praise Him!

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