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God has so abundantly blessed us

My first encounter with Ray Williams was in a Divorce Recovery Class. I'll never forget walking into that room, after not attending church for several months. You see, that very day I had talked to with a lawyer about divorcing my husband, Chino. Soon after I had separated from the father of my three children, I had met Chino--and we fell in love. Just three months after we started dating, we moved in together and were married shortly afterward. But it only took three weeks for the physical abuse to begin. At this point in my life, I loved the Lord. However, my faith was so weak. It was difficult to totally rely on Him. Although I still felt love for Chino, after enduring three years of torture, I could take no more. In my twisted thinking, I believed that acquiring "stuff" would make him happy and the abuse would end. Finally, in 2003 God blessed with a nice house and a SUV. But that didn't solve our problem. The mistreatment only intensified. I remember locking myself in a closet and crying myself to sleep. All hope was gone , and nothing mattered anymore. On Good Friday of 2004, I decided to retaliate. A big mistake! He began to beat me and then called the police. I was the one who was arrested and put in jail. The next day he bailed me out. But I packed my belongings and moved out. Throughout this ordeal, I had been attending church. But after leaving my husband, the pain was so intense, I quit going to church and decided for file for divorce. About three months later, God began a divine reversal in my life. Upon returning to church on a Wednesday night, I noticed a sign posted on the glass door: "Divorce Recovery Class." This was their first meeting. At first, it seemed to be a coincidence; now I know it was God's intervention. I didn't miss a single class. With Ray's encouragement, I enrolled in the Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministry and the attended "For This Reason" at her home. On my first visit, we prayed for God to save Chino. Praise God, He not only saved my husband, but Chino also enrolled in the Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministry. We are together again with our kids, living in a beautiful home. Now that God has so abundantly blessed us, I regularly attend "For This Reason" to testify and pray for other marriages. This awesome ministry has provided an opportunity for us to sacrificially give to other couples whose lives have been shattered. Irlanda 

There is hope-and His Name is Jesus!Paula & Scott

We would like to glorify God by sharing our testimony of how God redeemed our marriage from destruction. When we were married in 1986, Scott and I were both Christians. Shortly afterward, the Lord told Scott to leave the church we attended and go where He would lead us. But that was just too hard for me. I had been the church secretary for nearly 5 years and a member for 13 years. That was my home. Seeing the agony it was causing me. Scott decided to stay where we were. Still a young Christian, Scott was on fire for God. His heart was to follow the Lord, even though he had a secret problem. Like many people who get saved, Scott was not delivered from demonic oppression when he was born again. Much like old, hidden baggage, if not dealt with, it won't remain neatly packed away. It will spill out for everyone to see. This reminds me of the paraphrased scripture that Scott often repeated from Luke 12:2 - "all things hidden shall be revealed." That's how he quoted it-and was it ever true! Almost seven years and three children later, our marital problems began. I just had not realized how severe they were. You see, my husband could be labeled a "sex addict." I had never heard the term until years after our problems began. Yes, he was having extra-marital affairs- something I would never have thought could happen to me. Scott was one of the young, up-and-coming spiritual giants of the church. He ran the sound board, he was a deacon and a youth teacher, but he had a problem of sexual addiction that I never knew about. At the very young age of about seven years, he was introduced to pornography by discovering his dad's Playboy magazine. From that time forward, every area of his life was affected. If not dealt with, that spirit will consume and eventually destroy a person and everyone with whom they are associated. When I became aware of the severity of our problems, I asked the Lord, "But, what if he's cheating on me?" He responded matter-offactly "So what? You will stand" And yes, I did. God showed me and talked me through the process of what was happening and how to stand for the man that not only I loved, but the one who He loved so much more than I ever could. The most important thing He explained to me about standing was: "to praise Him and to pray His Word over Scott and this situation." The reason God had wanted wanted us to leave the church where we were married was to plant Scott in an environment where he could find deliverance. But despite my rebellion, God's mercy and grace brought us through. So if God can turn things around for Scott and Me. He most certainly can for you. It took a full eleven years for God to part my "Red Sea." And just as the children of Israel grumbled in the wilderness, so did I. After being led out of Egypt's bondage, their complaints turned an 11 day trip into 40 years. But did I learn anything from their plight? Obviously not. From the very beginning, the Lord had told me to praise Him and pray His Word. But that seemed to easy. Besides, I felt that I had every right to grumble, cry and complain. At times, the depression I suffered was so great, I could hardly lift my head. So it took eight years of enduring this trial before I became serious about praying the Word. Three years later, Scott came home. Of course, God never really intended for us to endure such tumultuous  times, but I had refused to obey.  Please learn from my mistakes and quickly do as He says.  He wants so much to bring healing and restoration to your heart and home. Don't give up. There is hope--and His Name is Jesus! Paula & Scott

My Family Is Back TogetherRev. Tennis E. Thomas

In spite of all I've been through, I can truly say that God is real and hears our prayers. The effectual prayer of the righteous still avails much! When I first met, For This Reason Ministry, I was down and out. My life seemed to be ending. All the promises and prophecies spoken over me seemed to be fading into freckled fables. In a last desperate attempt, I reached out to God for an answer to my situation. That's when my sister invited me to a prayer group one Saturday, and I reluctantly accepted. How could it get any worse? My addictions were back, ministry was all but dead, my family was gone, and I was sick - physically, mentally, and spiritually. So what could one more prayer do? Boy, was I in for a surprise! The meeting began much like any other charismatic prayer meeting with all the components of another long morning. But as the session progressed, I felt something beginning to change - not visibly, but in my spirit. Not long after, all hell broke loose. But your prayers kept me through all the darkness that I faced. The Lord was again leading me out of the dark shadows of the present into the glorious light of my future. Needless to say, through the prayers of the group and the words spoken into my life, I have experienced the miraculous power of prayer. My family is back together, and I am the proud pastor of the South Central M.B.C. I know that God heard your prayers, inclined unto me, and granted your request. The best is yet to come. You ain't seen nothing yet! May God bless and keep you is my prayer Your Brother in Christ Rev. Tennis E. Thomas

Prayer Remains The One and Only SolutionDedrea

Praying and Studying with the "For This Reason" group has helped me to become more aware of the devices and tactics of our enemy. The prayer group sessions have also helped me to grow and to walk in the spirit. My relationship with my husband has become stronger and communication with our children has drastically improved. Whether it's a global, national or local crisis situation, prayer remains the one and only solution. Dedrea

Broken and In Need of HealingRenae

Broken and in need of healing for my immediate family, I came to "For This Reason" Ministry seeking for help. And that was exactly what I received. After attending each meeting, I always leave with a wonderful sense of freedom. The Holy Spirit never fails to show up! What a faithful God we serve! For years I had been praying for the gift of tongues. After we began to worship in one of the meetings, I actually spoke in tongues! My niece has also given her life to Christ and has been baptized. What a blessing this ministry has been to me! Renae