What is Marriage

I. What is Marriage?

  1. The state of being married
  2. Relation between spouses
  3. Married- life!
  4. Wedlock
  5.  Matrimony

The reason most couples encounter difficulties in marriage, can be attributed to fairy-tales or myths surrounding this ancient ritual. Tonight in hopes of shedding light on what we believe to be a fundamental truth of what is marriage; while expressing what it’s not! Before we can explore what is marriage, we must address some of the associated misconceptions.

  1. A wife is supposed to keep the house clean, wash clothes, dishes and cook
  2. A husband is supposed to give his wife money and pay all the bills
  3. A wife is supposed to do whatever her husband demands
  4. A husband is supposed to do whatever it takes to make his wife happy
  5. A wife is supposed to always meet her husband’s bedroom requirements (rated 13 in case kids are present)

These five we listed are only some of the things that will derail your marriage; and if you’re been married for a week or longer, you know a few that didn’t make this list yourselves.
Some of the wrong reasons people get married:

  1. Tied of being alone, so you got married to have someone to come home too
  2. You’re older and all of your friends are getting married
  3.  It would be nice to have somebody else worrying about these bills or to help you financially
  4. Webster listed a marriage of convenience (calculated self-interest or expediency), its practical having all of “your needs” met at home!!!!!!! (rated 13)
  5. I need a spouse to take with me to the dance or the Office parties

Some of the major things we do to each other:

  1. Place our family and friends and personal needs before our spouse
  2. Most men find it hard striking a balance between the commitment made to their wives and the forever loyalty felt towards their mothers.
  3. Now on the other hand most women find it hard putting their husbands first regarding her whole family’s needs
  4. Not accountable to each other:
    1. (a.)Come and go at will
    2. (b.) Pay others bills without having your spouse agree
    3. (c.)Bring guest over (family or friends)without considering your husband or wife
  5. Make plans for both and expect it to be always good

Since Marriage is a Ministry, what does the Bible say about this subject of Marriage?
Looking at Genesis 2:15 – 20. Here we find God placing man into the garden to work; also, we see God assessing man’s state and concluding he needed help!
God arranges the first union of matrimony, saying in the 24th verse “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

What can be learned from this first marriage?

  1. Man should be busy doing God’s will, not looking for a wife
  2. Marriage happens out of a God generated need
  3. It should be orchestrated and sanctioned by God Himself
    There in Genesis 1:26 – 28 is other points we should include:
  4. In God created state or in this spiritual existence the man and woman was a complete unit (one)
  5. They are assigned responsibilities and mandates in order to glorify God in the earth
  6. Also having a God given authority to conduct His business, maintaining dominion within their spear of influence

II. Since marriage is a ministry how does this apply to me?

Marriage as a ministry only applies to couples who are seeking to be a true reflection of the image of God in the earth. (If not this will not work for you)

  • Purpose………………… Every one of us should have a God given purpose in life something we are passionate about and dream of fulfilling during our lifespan.
    However, conflicts will occur when our reason clash with God’s purpose for our life and who He has designated to be your partner in the assigned (ministry) of marriage.
    This is why we should enquire of God for His guidance when choosing a mate. This person has to be comparable to you in your God purpose.
    In the Garden man was assigned a task; while performing his duties, God gave him a Help meet (a helper) partner an assistant.
  • Know the importance of your union ………………… The success of your marriage will help those around you to be strength in their quest to become what God is requiring of them.
    We must believe in what Jesus said about if any two of you touch and agree on anything, He would do it that the Farther would be glorify.
  • In holy wedlock……………………..We are no longer two but one unit driven for God’s uses in the earth, generating glory for the King!

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